Gorvett and Stone Cinder Toffee and Honeycomb

Cinder Toffee and Honeycomb

"The honeycomb is out of this world" TripAdvisor review.  So popular is our Cinder Toffee that you need to grab it when you can! Made with local Oxfordshire honey it is deliciously airy and crunchy. Choose to have it smothered in chocolate or naked and unadorned.  It's delicious either way.
drinking chocolate and hot chocolate

Drinking Chocolate

Comforting and luxurious.  Nothing beats real hot chocolate when tea and coffee just won't do. For something unusual try our chilli version.
Orange slices in dark chocolate and walnuts in milk chocolate and dark brazils

Fruits & Nuts

Delicious dried and candied fruits and crunchy roasted nuts.  All dipped in our smooth luxurious chocolate.