About Us

Welcome to our Website! If you would like to know more about Gorvett & Stone then read on....

We run the whole operation from our premises in the centre of the market town Henley-on-Thames in South Oxfordshire. Our tall, skinny Victorian building at 21 Duke Street is home to our shop, kitchens and office. It is here that we develop, produce and package all our products. And it is from here that we supply our customers, retail and trade, all over the world.

The idea for Gorvett & Stone began in 2003 when our two founding members, Elinor Gorvett and Matthew (yes you guessed it) Stone, took a break from their careers in wine and went on a long, long trip..... During their travels they realised that, in some countries, chocolate was considered to be a commodity as complex, diverse and interesting as wine. Back home chocolate had not yet reached this status but there was no reason why fine chocolate couldn't be more available.

Our first shop opened in 2004 on 28 Duke Street. We tried a LOT of different couvertures before we found the right one for us and our (hopefully) future customers. All our recipes and products are made using a french chocolate. World renowned for its luxurious quality and high cocoa content our supplier also trades ethically and builds long term relationships with its producers. After all, anything we consume is more enjoyable when we can be happy in the knowledge that no one has been exploited during its production.

We created all our recipes from scratch and these days every member of the G&S team is involved in developing new products and tweaking existing ones. We can be very proud that our Cinder Toffee has some of the largest bubbles on the market!

The move to 21 Duke Street occurred six years later and allowed us to dedicate an entire kitchen to producing confectionary. In addition to our extremely bubbly Cinder Toffee we make our own marshmallow which is light as air and as fluffy as a tiny kitten - well almost!

Of course the team has grown over the years from just two people and we have had the privilege to work with lots of skilled and dedicated chocolate professionals. We have benefitted enormously from the support of our families and friends and this is as good a place as any to give a great big THANK YOU to all our customers - past, present and future.

We hope you have found this little window into G&S interesting and we thank you for taking the time to read it.

Elinor and Matthew