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May 2021

Best chocolate I've ever tasted.

Jan 2021

This place is a treasure. Have loved buying special treats here for birthdays, thank yous, Christmas and any other occasion I can find an excuse. Just the smell when you walk in the door makes you happy. If you have a special order give yourself plenty of time as they get very busy especially before Christmas. Great range for all ages and tastes – definitely something special. Reviews

Dec 2020

Chocolate Fish & Chips - They look as exactly as I'd hoped - my fish and chip loving husband will absolutely love them!

Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Shards - Delicious.. no more words needed.

July 2020

Mixed Box of handmade chocolates - Arrived super quick, beautifully packaged. Bought as a gift. Recipient was very pleased with them and said they tasted delicious!

TripAdvisor Reviews

Nov 2019

Wonderful Chocolatier

Henley needs wonderful little independent shops like this. We're so lucky to have them. You generally get what you pay for and this is certainly the case here. Worth every penny and the service is always warm and friendly too. Try their hot chocolate on a cold wintry day!

June 2019


How wonderful it is to have our very own chocolatiers! This little shop never fails to do what it does brilliantly! The chocolate is divine, the staff friendly, the tasters very welcome. Perfect for last minute birthday gifting and Christmas presents. I have also been to a wedding with Gorvett and Stone favours on the table!


Jan 2019

Simply Outstanding

If you like proper chocolate, then this is a must. Made on the premises, the chocolate here is wonderful. Not the cheapest, but certainly in line with its competitors for handmade chocolate. The range of flavours is outstanding and the staff are really friendly and helpful.

Aug 2018

Delicious Chocolate

The milk truffle with sea salt, strawberry and black pepper truffles were delicious. Such a lovely chocolate great for presents.

Aug 2018

Best Honeycomb Chocolate

Delicious chocolates and a beautiful little shop. Please support this fabulous little independent store, you won’t be disappointed.


July 2015

Best chocolates....ever!

Simply a must visit, knowledgeable staff, amazing chocolates, the only chocolates my husband and I will now buy! The sea salt and salted caramel truffles are my faves, my husband likes the Eton Mess and the Strawberry and Black Pepper, oh and you must try the Pink Champagne truffles!

Dec 2014

We took a large gift box of chocolates to some friends last night. They were the hit of the evening. Everyone LOVED them. Not only were they delicious they look so tempting. My husband ordered them after visiting the shop. The website I think does not do them justice. We will be buying them again.

Sept 2013

I have just been given a box of these as a gift and not only do they look stunning, but are without doubt the best chocolates I have ever tasted.

April 2009

Incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful service, backed by some of the finest chocolate that you will ever eat in your entire life.


Online and Newspaper Reviews and Recommendations


BuzzFeed - Sept 2020

Chocolate Fish & Chips (technically they recommended Fortnum & Mason's chocolate Fish & Chips but we make them....sooo feel we can add this here!)

The Daily Mail - April 2019

Chocolate Fish & Chips (this was actually our Fish & Chips under our brand so can definitely add it here!)

The Independent - Dec 2012 

The 10 Best boxes of chocolates list

The chocolates from here are worth just about any price Gorvett & Stone wants to charge. But, as it is, the 12-piece mixed box is remarkably good value.

The Telegraph - Dec 2012

Two hundred bags of Gorvett & Stone’s coal are being delivered to Fortnum & Mason this week – it is one of Fortnum’s most popular seasonal confectionery products.

...several of their truffles – including basil and fresh mint – won Great Taste awards. Soon afterwards Fortnum’s approached the couple and asked them to develop a modern English range, inspired by Gorvett & Stone’s Eton mess truffle.

The Independent - Nov 2010

The eccentric Oxford chocolatier produces the best boxes of mixed chocolates on the market.

Financial Times Magazine - Oct 2010

Rose & violet fondants are made with a skilful light touch, while a treacle tart chocolate has just the right sticky texture. Gorvett's Eton Mess chocolate even has a perceptible meringue crunch.

The Observer - Nov 2008

The experts' choice: The world's best chocolate. Where do the top connoisseurs buy their chocolate? They reveal their secret sources:

Chocolatier Paul A Young: Gorvett & Stone in Oxfordshire are ones to watch.


Blogger Reviews and Recommendations

We feature in their list of "Best Chocolate Shops in the South East of England"

The Best Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes - Feb 2021

Fairmile Fizz Truffles

Fortnum & Mason Christmas range recommended - Sept 2020

Christmas Coal (made by us for F&M)

Peppermint Bark (made by us for F&M)

Chocolat Indulgence on Milk Cinder Toffee Easter Egg - March 2016 

The egg had a soft break and soft bite. It was so smooth textured, with a sweet chocolatey flavour. Now, that honey. The honeycomb texture was a bit chaotic, but that's expected. What was great about the honeycomb though, was that honey. The taste of PURE honey wasn't always there, but would come and go, and it would steal all attention. Seriously, the honey was so lovely, and it would gently remind me that it was traceable honey, from bee hives in Oxfordshire.

Mostly About Chocolate on Dark Chocolate Orange Easter Egg with Orangette -  March 2016

The egg itself was lightly infused with orange so that the genuine orange flavour came through without being bitter (with too much pith) and balanced just perfectly against the 70% dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is such high quality it isn’t bitter despite being dark and the orange doesn’t really sweeten it too much. The batons inside are perfectly made with a delicious slathering of dark chocolate over the generous lengths of peel inside. The perfect marriage of dark chocolate and candied orange. For the chocolate orange lover, this is perfect.

Gourmet Chocolate - May 2013

Their Rose Fondants and Violet Fondants are a pretty affair and have won Great Taste Gold Awards for their excellent quality. The dark chocolate comes through well and the rose and violet flavours. These are a real must for fans of sweet chocolates. I’m not a violet fondant fan usually, but Gorvett & Stone have certainly made these more than a palatable chocolate confection.

Lot-o-choc.blogspot on milk chocolate Cinder Toffee - July 2011

Gorvett & Stone's was made well, the best I have ever tasted in fact. The cinder toffee itself is delicious, it's not too sweet, as the majority of cinder toffees are and instead offers a nice deep toffee & brown sugar flavours whilst the milky, creamy chocolate works perfectly with it creating the ultimate luxurious cinder toffee snack, this certainly isn't your usual commercial Crunchie.

The - Oct 2010

First English Chocolatiers to use popping candy in fine chocolate (try it, it’s great!). Their dark chocolate bar with strawberry and black pepper is delicious. - Oct 2010

Gorvett & Stone, another of the UKs rising star fine chocolatiers. on Exploding Frogs and Milk truffles with Sea Salt - Oct 2009/10 

Only when the chocolate starts to melt away does the frog start to fight back, with thousands of tiny little explosions filling your mouth. It’s the most wonderfully bizarre and cute chocolate I’ve had in a long time, and at only 15g, it left me wanting more.

They’re dusted in the same dark cocoa powder as the house truffles, but that quickly gives way to something much sweeter and more exciting. Delicious chocolate and a smooth, soft, toffee-caramel like filling that’s simply divine.

Gorvett & Stone is one of those chocolatiers that you can’t go wrong with.